Writing this from a tree house hostel in Siem reip, Cambodia!!

Wow this is my fourth night in South East Asia and I’ve already seen so much ahh
Everyone is so lovely and we’ve met so many people, it’s so hot but everything excites me, the way people live and get on with their lives is so so different from western and this next nine weeks are going to fly by!!





New Jersey Performing Arts Center, Lucent Technologies Center for Arts Education. Paula Scher, 2001

Channa Horwitz, Seven, 1968

how do you fight what’s inside?2014

Water lilies, by Claude Monet

I have no idea why I never uploaded this.Myself and Angel will be getting back into our Hers & Hisproject, I think this year it will be a little slower than lastyear as after the summer I'll be working on my Thesis, EK!BUT we have a few trips planned during the holidays, sokeep your eyes peeled :)Hers & His - Elizabeth Rose Thompson


Kate Moss and André 3000

the light from the distant future by yushimoto_02 [christian] on Flickr.

Soph made me a mixtape and it’s so perfect
We said our goodbyes yesterday and I miss her already :((:(
Me and my family are having a ‘last supper’ today, I hope they stick together without me, it’s been a tough year
I can’t believe the day has finally come that i leave to South East Asia for 9 weeks
Wow I’m excited and really REALLY fucking nervous but it’s gonna be so amazing :)):)):))


Ines Rehberger ~ Leaked Dreams of Our Past

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